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Ood Pants, Take 4

It has begun! I have sewn my first garments for fashion dolls. It has been quite a journey. Sewing for dolls was different than anything I have sewn before. I am excited to tell you all about the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, and the creamy middles.

All sewing adventures start with choosing a pattern. I decided to use pattern G from Simplicity 1242. I was drawn to this pattern because it was simple and vintage; I absolutely adore vintage style. After browsing the instructions, I realized it was a straightforward pattern. It only required two leg pieces and some elastic for construction. After rummaging through a bin of fabric scraps, I assembled everything I needed for this journey.

I began by unfolding the thin pattern paper. This is always the most nerve-wracking part for me. With a toddler at my legs, you never know when an arm will reach up and try to rip what I’m working with. Luckily, she was more interested in her blocks than what I was doing up above. Once I had found the pattern I needed, I used white copy paper to trace the pattern. I didn’t want to cut out the original because I am certain I will be making this pattern again. I don’t like to cut original patterns, and doll clothes are small enough that I can get away with this little cheat.


Next, I ironed out a piece of scrap fabric. It was part of a fat quarter I had leftover from making a drawstring bag. I believe the fabric is 100% cotton, and it is somewhat thin. I figured it would be a good fabric to test this pattern. First, I folded the fabric over so that it had two layers. Then, I cut out the pattern twice. I wanted to make at least two pairs of pants just in case one had problems or the sewing machine decided to eat the fabric (I love my new machine, but it did that twice when I was making curtains – eek!). The first piece I cut out was exact to the pattern. The second pair had an added 1/4″ in the waist area. Bloggers Brie and barbielea suggested adding extra space in the waist to better fit modern dolls, and I figured I should listen to their experience. Once the fabric was cut, I made my way to the sewing machine.

Before I started sewing, I read the directions that came with the pattern. They were composed of two blocks of text and two pictures; they certainly didn’t spell things out to the level I prefer. Being the visual person I am, I relied way too much on the pictures when assembling the first pair of pants. The first few steps went well. I sewed the front seam, pressed and sewed the top seam, and inserted the elastic without incident. Next, I looked at the second picture where it illustrates how to stitch the leg seams. I stitched up both legs, and then I went back to the back seam and crotch. That is when I realized my mistake. Because I waited to stitch up the back, it was hard to get the fabric to sit properly. The crotch area was particularly wonky. I read the written instructions again, and I was supposed to stitch the back seam before I stitched up the legs. Oops! I made the most of it, and when I was finished it wasn’t too noticeable on the outside. The seam is uneven when you look closely, but you can’t tell anything is wrong when the doll is wearing the pants.

Once I had the pants sewn up, I realized I had made another mistake. The bottom of the pants had a raw seam! I forgot to fold over the fabric and hem the cuffs at the bottom (where the feet come out). I looked at the instructions and I didn’t see it in the written part or in the picture. Maybe patterns expect us to know to do those things? Maybe I can’t read? Maybe I’m a total noob? I’m not sure; it is probably a combination of all three possibilities. To fix this, I rolled the fabric into the pants and pressed it with the iron. Then, I hand-stitched the hem into place. It was tedious work, but I finished it quickly due to the small size of the piece.


This first pair looks pretty good, all things considered. This was my first attempt at making doll clothes, my first time sewing with a 1/4″ seam, and my first time using this pattern. Even with the mistakes I made, the pants fit my Ood doll! It was a bit difficult to slide them over her hips, but it wasn’t impossible. The bigger challenge was making her giant feet fit through the bottom cuffs. Even with those small problems, I am very happy with how the pants turned out.


Because the first pair of pants were a success, I decided to do something fun with the second pair. I used a decorative flower stitch on the bottom cuffs to make them more interesting. Decorative stitches are a big advantage to having a computerized sewing machine; I wanted to utilize that capability. It didn’t take long to thread the machine and sew it into the cloth.


Before I started construction on this pair of pants, I made sure to re-read the instructions. Between what was written and what I remembered from the first pair of pants, they came together beautifully. The final seam was much easier to sew, and I didn’t have to hand-stitch anything. I am very happy with how it turned out, and I am stunned at how little time it took to make them once I knew what I was doing. It would take me over a week to knit or crochet a pair of pants, and I was able to make two of these in a little over an hour. Huzzah!

I decided to let Snow White wear these trousers. The pink detailing seems to fit her style better than it does for the Ood dolls. I also couldn’t get them to fit the Ood dolls. The first pair of pants had extra fabric in the waste. The smaller waist works great for dolls with a teenage body, but it was too small for modern Barbie dolls. Old patterns are fun! I guess I will plan on making at least two of anything I sew so that I can adjust them accordingly.


One big problem I felt with both pieces involved the feet on my sewing machine. None of the feet that came with my machine sew a 1/4″ seam well. The feet are all better suited for a 1/2″ or larger seam, and I found myself sewing blindly on all the curves. It was easier to sew the straight area of the leg because I could guide the fabric on both sides of the foot. On every curve, I was afraid that I would sew myself out of the fabric or I would sew too far into the fabric. I don’t like gambling, so I had to find a solution. After doing a quick search online, I found a sewing foot that is designed for assembling doll clothes. I ordered it off of eBay, and I am waiting patiently for it to make it to our home. I have decided not to sew any more doll clothes until I receive the new foot. I want to make a jacket or shirt when it does arrive. I have enough scrap black fabric to make at least one shirt, and I don’t want to ruin it by using the wrong foot.

One of the jackets included in this packet of patterns may work as an Ood jacket, after a few modifications. It is pattern E from Simplicity 1242. My only hesitation is that it looks a bit too long for an Ood. There are a few other jacket and shirt options in the other Simplicity patterns I bought. I will compare them before I make a final decision. We shall see what I come up with!


I think I can say that one Ood will have a knit outfit while the second has a sewn outfit. I have also been playing around with a few other ways that I can differentiate them. Eye color is the first thing that comes to mind, but I have a few other ideas, too. What they hold in their hand is another way to differentiate them. One will have a hindbrain while the other has a translation orb. Before I hurt my wrist, I was playing around with different ways of making the translation orb. For now, I am stuck just looking for brain patterns online so that I can get a feel for how other people approach constructing a brain. Thus far, none of the patterns look like they can easily scale down to Barbie size, so I may be making my own pattern for that, too. Stay tuned!

What is next? Well, my wrist is still on hiatus. I am doing some exercises to help build up strength, but I get pain and cramps whenever I try to knit or crochet. The way I have to bend my wrist is putting too much stress on it. I don’t want this injury to linger, but at the same time I have a lot of things I want to craft. I am trying to do one row for the Ood shoes every night just so that I can make some iota of progress. If I keep that up, the next Ood update might be the Ood shoes for the first doll. For now, I am going to focus on writing a few more posts about our summer and the cool Barbie things we found while visiting family. Thank you for reading about my first sewing adventure! I hope you have a fantastic day.


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Giant Bag of Clothes, Part 3

The blog is back! I apologize for my absence these last few weeks. Due to family circumstances, travel, and illness I was unable to post anything (or get much work done, either). I will do my best to get things posted these next few weeks, but we are moving for my husband’s job in two months. For anyone who has moved on their own with kids (we’re putting all our junk in a rental truck and driving it ourselves – eek!) you know that two months isn’t much time at all to get everything in order. Much of my free time will be dedicated towards that cause. Still, I promise to do my best to have something to post during this turbulent time – hopefully something along the lines of once per week between now and when we get settled at our new home. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated during all of this craziness.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can focus on more important things. Today, we are finishing up something I started a few posts ago. I will post pictures from the last few outfits from the giant bag of clothes I purchased before my absence. I hope you enjoy it!

IMG_7346 This doll/outfit combo is one of my favorites for the entire bag! I love Taylor Swift’s music, and her doll is absolutely lovely. I like how the colors of the top and pants compliment the softness of this doll’s face and hair. I originally bought this doll to make a weeping angel craft, but luckily I never found the textured spray paint needed to complete it. I now appreciate how nice this doll is and I am happy that she gets to wear this instead of angelic shrouds.

IMG_7347 Mulan was one of the last dolls that I clothed, and finding an outfit that fit her hips was not easy. They are a bit bigger (belly-button body type) than most of the remaining pants could fit. Luckily, these black pants worked perfectly. I like how delicate the shirt is and how it compliments Mulan’s sly smile. I also like the chunky Mary-Jane shoes that match the pants. I wish that I could walk in those things! I am notoriously clumsy, and heels like that would be downright dangerous on my hooves. Oh Mulan, you’re living the dream.

IMG_7348 This outfit may win the award for most ironic doll/outfit combination. This is a Flavas P.Bo doll in a pink, flowery dress. For those who aren’t familiar, the Flavas dolls were supposed to be the hip, urban counterpart to Barbie. If Barbie was The Sims, the Flavas were The Urbs. Unfortunately, this line of dolls never caught on, so not many were produced in the line. Having unknowingly found one was lucky on my part, and having her in this decidedly yuppy attire brings a smile to my face. Sometimes, we have to appreciate the little things.

IMG_7349Varsity Barbie! Well, not quite. I’ll be honest; this outfit is from the bottom of the barrel. I was nearing the last few single pieces of clothes, and I had to figure out which pieces matched well enough to wear. This is what I came up with! I found another cute pair of slip-on shoes that match the jacket, and that pulls it all together. I feel lucky that the bag came with so many shoes.

IMG_7350 This outfit is torn quite extensively, but I did my best to put it on the doll and take a picture that minimizes the damage. The entire left side of the dress is ripped from the neck, through the arm, and into the back. I really wanted to show you this outfit because I like the pattern of the dress and the matching accessories. This hat rocks so, so much! I want to mend it just to keep the set intact, but I am not sure if it is salvageable. I will only know when I get in there with my needle. It is another project to add to the queue.

IMG_7351 This outfit confused me at first. The sleeves were folded in on each other, so at first it seemed more like a straight jacket than a dress. Once I untangled it, I realized how it fit. I like the colors and the unique design of the outfit. It works well with this doll, which I affectionately call Meg. She reminds me of Megara from that Disney Hercules movie, but she is not a Disney doll. She is a random generic doll who is missing a leg. Yep, toddlers are hard on dolls, and this one has paid the price.

Thank-you Audrey B. for telling me that this dress comes from the Star Wars Episode 1 Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala doll. You can see a picture of it here! I had no idea it was from a Star Wars doll. Very cool, and thank you again for recognizing this dress.

IMG_7352 This is the bendy Cheer Leader Barbie in a pink bride’s maid dress. Perhaps she wants to be invited to Donna’s wedding? If she does get the invite, she’ll have to find a pair of matching shoes. I’m sure that I can help her with that, though. I still have high hopes for doing Donna after I finish the pair of Ood I am currently working on. If I don’t find the skein of white thread, I will buy a new one. The one good thing about moving is that you take inventory of everything as you pack. I’m hoping this will work to my advantage.

IMG_7353 This dress is so delightfully retro, so of course Snow White had to wear it. The colors remind me of the 60’s and all of the cool clothes we see on Mad Men. I adore it! I also like the shoes that I chose for it – a pair of chunky pumps that fit perfectly on her dainty feet. Overall, this outfit is another awesome and functional find.

That’s it! Wow, it is hard to believe that one single bag had over 23 complete outfits. I am so happy that I don’t have to keep rotating the same few outfits between my dolls when taking pictures of them – finally some variety! This is the single best thing I have bought since starting this blog. To recap, here is a picture of all the dolls wearing all the clothes from the giant bag of clothes.

IMG_7330It brings a smile to my face to see them all together, especially after being away for so long. I am currently making progress on the pair of Ood pants. It is slow going because I have been ill this last week, but I am doing my best to make a few rows of progress every day. Hopefully I will have them done for next week’s post. If I don’t finish the pants, I will do a blog post about something else – perhaps doing their hair so that it will fit under the mask. We shall see! Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic week.


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Giant Bag of Clothes, Part 2

Today, we have another entry from the giant bag of clothes. I have been working on the second pair of pants, but my kiddo unraveled most of my progress beyond repair yesterday. This has set me back considerably, as you can imagine. It has also made me reconsider where I place my work, but that is a topic for another day. Instead of keeping the blog quiet, I took some pictures to share from this awesome find while I continue working on the pants.

For the uninitiated, I bought a large gallon sized bag of Barbie clothes at a local thrift shop for $5.00. The bag contains over 20 outfits and many additional accessories. I’ve been having fun dressing them up and taking pictures. Here is the second of three posted about it – I have a few more outfits that I will feature in a third post at some unknown point in the future. Without further adieu, here we go!


I love the top of this outfit, even though I am not a big fan of miniskirts. Maybe I am just jealous that the doll can pull them off better than I ever could! It is a really cute piece and I like how it has a cute lace belt sewn onto it. The shoes are also from the bag – they’re a pair of pink slip-ons that perfectly match the shirt. This doll is modern Barbie doll with knee and elbow articulation. I am not sure exactly which doll she is from; I have such a hard time recognizing dolls past the 90’s. Still, a nice doll and a fun outfit.


Sparkles! Who doesn’t like a little bit of bling? This outfit is a lot of fun, and it compliments this doll’s hair beautifully. It does have a little rip in the front and some pieces are fraying away, so I will need to do a bit of sewing to fix it. The doll is a modern doll, and once again I am not sure exactly sure about her ID and history.


This is another favorite of mine. The swimsuit is actually stretchy and made of spandex like a real swim suit. I thought it would be fitting to dress Barbie #7382 in this swimsuit. It may not be a blue two-piece like the outfit she originally came with, but it is closer to it than the dress I had her in before. I am in the middle of restoring her at the moment, so you can see that her hair is no longer sporting the braid and she has gotten a bath. I think she looks much better now that the layer of grime has been cleaned up – there is a big difference in the face. One interesting thing about restoring this doll is that the permanent marker used to write a price on her foot came right off. The dye from the marker didn’t sink into her plastic body like it does on the vinyl used on modern dolls. Yay! That brightened my day. I may do a blog post later about her restoration, and I have a few idea of how I can turn her into a character for the blog. Alas! That is a topic for another day. For now, this doll is ready for a sunny day at the beach.


This is one of the first dresses I saw when I opened the bag. It reminds me of the outfit that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz, although I couldn’t find a similar sized doll that wore this outfit. I decided to have the High School Musical Gabriella doll wear the outfit because she reminds me of Dorothy more than any of the other dolls. The outfit is a little large on her, but it isn’t big enough that it falls off. The outfit itself has some loose seams, so I will need to mend it before I let my daughter play with it. She is wearing the second headscarf that came with this bag of clothes. I thought it matched nicely with the overall outfit, so I went for it. The shoes also come from the bag of clothes, and I chose them because they are blue. I know they don’t quite match the dress, and that bothers me now in this picture than it did when I was dressing the doll up. Oh well!


This outfit is shiny and reminds me of what ice-skaters wear on the ice. It is very theatrical, so of course the Disney Rapunzel had to strike a pose in it. I am not sure if it is from a Barbie set, but I am very happy it was in the bag. The purple tulle really compliments the hot pin dress, and the sparkly bodice is lovely. I couldn’t find a pair of shoes that fit this doll without falling off. This Rapunzel doll is a bit smaller than a regular Barbie, so the dress is a bit large on her. The doll herself has a white stripe in her hair. I did some research, and this means that she is the Enchanted Hair Rapunzel. The stripe in her hair turns purple when exposed to UV light rays (in her original set, there was a wand that you can use to do the transformation). I left the doll next to the window for 10 minutes and her stripe gained a faint purple hue. What a surprise! I had no idea she did this when I bought her, and I feel it matches the spirit and colors of this outfit.


This dress is the main reason why I purchased this bag of clothes. You could clearly see the top of this dress from the outside of the bag, and I wanted something for one of my Rapunzel dolls to wear. My regular Disney Rapunzel doll wears it very well! The dress is from the Barbie as Rapunzel set. Not the collectors set, just the regular set that they sold en mass at retailers. The dress is quite lovely. I need to steam it to get some wrinkles out, but otherwise it is in immaculate condition. It also comes with a cape, which you can kinda see behind her. She is also wearing a pair of pink shoes from the bag, but you can’t see it because it is a full-length skirt.


The last doll for today! This is a generic doll in a fun purple outfit. It reminds me of what the tennis team would wear to their matches in high school – our school color was purple. I also chose a jacket from the bag that matches the purple and yellow colors in the outfit well. It was hard to get the jacket on the doll because her arms are less bendable than regular Barbie dolls, but that isn’t uncommon for random generic dolls. She is made of a harder plastic that has less give than the vinyl used for modern Barbie dolls. She is wearing a pair of green shoes from the bag.

That is it for now. At the moment, I am restarting the second pair of Ood pants. I am also doing some styling on the two Ood dolls. Realistically, I will probably make a post about cleaning them and doing their hair before I post the entry for the finished pants and the pattern for them. I am very busy as we gear up for Easter (lots of commissions and family gatherings between now and then). That being said, I will carve out as much time for Barbie Who? as I reasonably can. Hopefully I will have something to show for my work by early next week. Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic day.

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Ood Pants, Take 1

In an ongoing attempt to preserve my sanity, I decided to take a break from the Ood mask. I finally finished the main body of it, but I need some time to decompress before I embroider and crochet features onto it. To fill that time, I have been working on a pair of pants for the Ood to wear. It was a fairly simple knit; it only took a few days to complete.


For this project, I used pattern 967 from the Sticka till Barbie website. I liked this pattern because it looked great on the dolls in their pictures and matched the aesthetic I was going for. I used my new set of 2.00 mm double pointed knitting needles and black size 10 crochet thread to create them. The weird thing about using the tiny new set of needles is that I felt like I would bend them in my hands. They’re just so dainty! They’re made of aluminum, so the chances of me bending them were nil. Still, it seemed like more of a concern with this pair of needles than with the slightly larger plastic 2.25 mm needles I had used to make a pair of pants for Ken. I also believe the stitches are noticeably tighter and just look better than the previous pair of pants I made. It simply amazes me how much the size of needles can affect a finished piece, even when that difference is a fraction of a millimeter.

Overall, using the DPNs was very easy for this project. In fact, it had an advantage over regular needles. When I had to knit the second leg, I kept the first leg on one needle and picked a new needle out of the package to knit the second one. I didn’t have to slide it onto a holder! This saved me a fair amount of time and frustration. With these needles, I rarely had a problem with stitches falling off of either end. I really like these new needles and plan on using them for more projects moving forward.

Even with awesome needles, the actual knitting part was frustrating at times simply because of how tiny everything is. Doing a pearl increase with the dainty needles is the very definition of frustrating. It happened four times, and each time was incredibly hard to get right. I had a minor problem at the beginning of the first leg when I twisted a stitch at the end of a row; luckily it wasn’t noticeable after the piece was sewn together. I also ran into bigger problems towards the end. I forgot to properly secure the final stitch when I first cast off, so while handling the piece I unraveled half of the cast-off row. It was a pain to fix and took over half an hour because I had a terrible time seeing which way I needed to knit/pearl each stitch. Not all of the stitches were straight on the hook, so I had to make sure that I was picking up the correct side of each loop or it would have made the top row look wonky. This was tedious and time consuming. After doing that, I thought it couldn’t get any worse. Oh, how very wrong I was….

Once I finished casting off, I sewed the pants together with a tapestry needle. When I was finished sewing, I realized that I had made a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad mistake. My cast-off row way too tight. It was so tight that it barely had any stretch to it. I couldn’t easily fix this because I used the loose end to sew from the back of the pants and down one leg – it would take hours to work the end back to the top without ruining the piece. I briefly considered cutting a stitch on the top row and just rejoining a new piece of thread for a looser row, but this seemed dicy. What if I dropped a stitch? What if I cut into the row below? With the sewing already finished, I couldn’t risk ruining the entire piece. I felt like a total novice for not noticing it. I know better than to cast off so tightly, but I think that I was so frustrated from the previous mishap that I let the cast-off get away from me. I tried to stretch the pants, but it was futile. The thread would break before it fit over the hips of either Ood doll. For a moment, it felt like I had put in all that effort for nothing.

Then I remembered that not every doll has hips like the belly-button type of Barbie. I looked through my dolls, and I was encouraged to find a few that these pants do fit. They fit the Disney Rapunzel and Merida dolls that I have. Both dolls have a smaller body, smaller thighs, and smaller hips than the Barbie dolls. The tight cast-off barely fits over Merida’s thighs, but it is a good fit on her waist once the pants are on her. Rapunzel is slimmer all around, and this causes the pants to try and slip off. I think that they are a better fit for Merida, overall.


Besides the fact that they don’t fit the Ood dolls, I’m not sure that I like these pants for an Ood. They are right against the skin of the Disney dolls, and I’m sure that they would be snug on the larger Barbie dolls. The pants from the Ood pictures I am basing the dolls on depict a roomier leg, so I may have to make my own pattern. I looked through some of the patterns on the Sticka till Barbie website and they all seemed to be the similar to this pattern of pants with only slight variations – often just the color. I think I will make my own pattern for these pants and post it here on the blog. It will be fun to do a knitting pattern for once! That is the one silver lining from this hot mess of an experience.

That is it. I spent a ridiculous number of hours making a pair of pants that don’t even fit the doll I intended them for. Just my luck! Even with the problems I encountered, I feel good about where I’m taking the Ood. Considering the style, I probably would have made a new pair of pants if they had fit, so it isn’t that big of a loss. Plus, I have a cool new pair of pants for the princess dolls to wear as they blaze new trails. It could have been worse. My next update will be about the Ood mask. I will buckle down and finish the first one over the next few days, and I look forward to sharing the journey.


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Unique New Dolls

Where to begin? Well, I have reached a point where my husband is commenting on the number of dolls I have found at thrift stores. Because of this, I’ve made a new rule that I will only buy a new doll if she is somehow unique from the regular blonde-hair, blue eyes, fair completion Barbie we see all the time. Uniqueness can come from a unique age, too, in addition to head, hair color, or ethnicity. With that in mind, I found a few cool new dolls while out shopping with the family.


These two dolls are unique because they are Disney dolls. The one on the left is a Mulan doll and the one on the right is an Ariel doll. The Ariel doll has a color-changing fin. I noticed this because it kept changing from purple to blue as my child held it. Her hair also changes color; I find both to be delightful. While I probably won’t be able to use this Ariel for Barbie Who (unless Moffat gives us something strange and delightful with Capaldi), I’m sure I can find a place for Mulan within the project.

I also found a Barbie doll that truly puzzled me. When I first picked her up, I didn’t think it was a Mattel doll. It did have the proper stamps, so I bought it as a curiosity. After some research, I learned she has an everflex body and can be posed in all sorts of crazy positions without breaking or becoming permanently bent. When I showed my husband, he said it reminded him of a Stretch Armstrong doll. It did for me, too, but without the goo inside.


According to what I’ve read, this was a cheerleader doll released in the early 2000’s. This type of body is covered in a rubbery skin-like substance called everflex. In other dolls, this was only used over the waist to allow it to turn in unique ways, but in this doll it is all over her body. Her body is considered the Dance n’ Flex body because it is fully covered in the stuff. Given the strange thinness of her arms and how disproportional she looks in real life, I can see why they didn’t make more dolls like her.


Other variants of Barbie cheerleader dolls have full articulation, sometimes including the wrist, to allow for more realistic poses than bending this doll’s arms can allow. This doll is a good example.


She has really cool articulation at the waist, elbow, and knees. This allows me to pose her. While I’m still not sure what version of Barbie the doll is (2010 fashionista is my best guess), the dress she is wearing is from the Glam Bike set. I also believe the shoes another doll is wearing comes from that set. It’s so much fun to learn these things!

Next up, I have two dolls who charmed me with their brunette hair. I found the doll on the left at the same store as the two Disney girls above. The one on the right I found at a different store downtown.


These two brunettes have a few cool things about them. The one on the right isn’t a full 11-1/2″ doll. She is shorter, which leads me to believe she is either a Skipper or Courtney doll (or one of their pals). It is so cool to finally add a teen doll to my collection! I hope I can find various other ages as I continue searching for dolls.

The doll to the left is full sized and is awesome! After researching her, I found out from The Barbie Blog that she is Splash n’ Color Kira. After reading that entry, I was pleased to see that someone else found her second-hand and managed to find out who she truly was. Like the one posted by The Barbie Blog, mine has different earrings (the same as the ones her doll has and the one on this page has, actually). I couldn’t resist doing the water test and being delighted when her hair turned pink and white with warm water. She is such a fun and unique find!


Last but not least, I have a Jakks doll. I bought her because she has a different face than the regular doll molds, and I appreciate diversity.


I researched her, and to my surprise this is a 2002 Hannah Montana doll. In a totally CrAzY moment, I saw that the blog My Barbie Blog had a post about a Hannah Montana she found at a garage sale right after her post about the Kira doll. It had the exact same face as the doll I found, although she doesn’t sing. This leads me to believe she is a different doll set that uses the same molds, but at least I know who she is! She has the same body as the Taylor Swift Jakks doll I found ages ago. I like their arms; they’re more posable than many of the other dolls.


I am still having a crazy moment thinking about what the chances are that The Barbie Blog would have two consecutive blog posts about two dolls I was trying to ID. I’m guessing it is very slim and I should have bought a lottery ticket today instead of going thrift shopping. Oh well!

That is all I have for this update! I just wanted to share the cool new dolls that I have found and some information about them. Hopefully I can continue finding unique dolls and perhaps even identifying them like I have these gems. On the Cofelia front, I am almost done with her adipose! I finished the body, one arm, and one leg. I just need to make the other limbs and see them into the body. It should be finished very soon.


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