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Who Will Join the Oodkind?

Today was a rather slow day, so I decided to get all of the dolls out to decide which one will become an Ood. Crocheting the mask has hit another road block, and I need a good distraction from that frustration. I also think that it will be better to decide on a doll now so that I can make 100% sure the mask will fit. Honestly, I am amazed by how much size varies between different dolls. This will also give me the freedom to make other pieces of the outfit as the mask continues to frustrate me. Overall, a good direction for this project to go in.


Originally, I played with the idea of using a cheap generic dolls. You know the type; they have hollow plastic bodies and badly rooted hair. I thought about using them because this doll will be completely covered in clothes and a mask, so you won’t be able to tell what type of doll is underneath. Then I remembered that I have more than enough quality dollsI could use. I can always switch out which doll later on, if needed, so I may as well go for a nicer doll to begin with instead of settling for a lesser item. That led me to look through all the dolls and pick out who would be the best candidate to become an Ood.

As I started looking through dolls, I realized that some of my dolls have more problems than I realized. I found two dolls with head issues, and I chose them for this project. Since the Ood doll is designed to wear a mask, they’re the perfect choice. I decided to create two Ood because I am creating my own pattern for the mask. This means that the first mask will be a prototype and the second will be the final product. This will give me the opportunity to make an Ood with white eyes and one with red eyes. It will be fun opportunity for two dolls that I would not have otherwise used because of their defects.

First we have what I believe is a Teresa doll. I think she is a Teresa doll because of her brown hair. I looked at some Nikki dolls with brown hair, but the nose doesn’t match. This makes me fairly confident in saying she is some type of Teresa doll. She has the same sized feet as the 2006 Beach Glam Barbie I used for Cofelia. However, every beach glam Teresa doll I could find was wearing blue earrings. This doll has no earrings or holes near her ears where earrings were pulled out, so she isn’t a Beach Glam doll. I have no idea who she is beyond just a Teresa doll. She has a 2003 head and a 1999 body, so she is a fairly new doll. Any ideas on who she looks like is appreciated.

After talking to my friend Gwendolyn, this doll has been identified as Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Teresa. This doll has the large feet, no earrings, and the same hair. Thanks Gwen! I couldn’t have tracked it down without your help.


As you can see, her big problem is that somebody took a Sharpie marker to her face. I tried cleaning her with soap, a magic eraser, and some goo-gone, but it didn’t fade the stain at all. Since the stain is right next to her lips, I don’t want to use acetone for fear of wiping away her lipstick. At first my inability to clean her was disappointing, but I am making the best of the situation. She has knees that snap into 3 positions and five points of articulation. Overall, she is a nice doll for this project.

The other doll I chose to join the Oodkind is a Barbie doll. Which one? Your guess is as good as mine! She is an unknown Barbie doll with a 1998 head and a 1966 body. Her arms have articulation at the elbow. and she has a nice hair color. It isn’t the platinum blonde that you see with most dolls; it is a more natural blonde color.


It is a bit hard to see in the picture above, but her big flaw is her hair. I believe my baby pulled the hair right out of her! I don’t remember buying any dolls with this type of problem. To be honest, it is something I normally would have passed on if I had noticed. I am not at a point where I want to consider rerooting hair. Considering she made her way into the mix, she was a natural pick for this project.


She also has a slight bend in her right foot. It isn’t as obvious in the pictures, but it is more pronounced when you’re holding her. It isn’t a big enough flaw that I feel like it needs repairing, but I may try a hot water technique for bending it back just for the experience. We shall see! I’m not sure how ambitious I am about it at the moment, but it is a possibility.

I don’t remember exactly where I bought these dolls. I know it was a thrift store, and I also know it wasn’t GoodWill because they don’t have a price written in marker on their feet. I believe these were among the earlier dolls that I found before I started blogging. Sorry that my memory is failing me! I am usually fairly good at remembering where I got dolls and how much I paid. Based on my habits, I can tell you that each doll cost less than $1.00 and were bought second hand.

That is it for today. I feel good about having the dolls chosen for this entry in the blog. Now I know that I can make clothes for them. Luckily, both are the belly-button type of body, so clothes should transfer fairly well between the two of them. I will continue working and re-working the mask, and I do plan on releasing the pattern so that any other ambitious crocheters can make one, too. Keep your eyes out for the next update!

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Cofelia’s Sensible Shoes

These shoes have been a gigantic headache for me. As I’ve said in previous posts, I bought a bunch of shoes off of eBay to use for this project, but I didn’t realize that my Beach Glam Barbie had big, flat feet that were never meant to wear shoes. I had several options to resolve the shoe problem:

1. Choose a different doll
2. Buy custom shoes
3. Barbie head transplant
4. Ken shoes
5. Make custom shoes

I wound up choosing the fifth option and created a pair of ballet flats for Cofelia to wear. They had their challenges, but they look fantastic!


I found this awesome free pattern by dezalyx on Pinterest. The pattern is simple, but the small size does pose a challenge. It hurt my eyes and wrists to make them with black yarn, so I only made one per night. I made one pair exactly like the pattern states, but it was too small for Cofelia’s feet. I lengthened the pattern a bit, but it was still too narrow. I made it a final time with a few extra half-double crochets and double crochet stitches in the foot of the shoe, and it worked! I finally have a pair of shoes that fit Cofelia! It felt great to finally solve the problem.

To lengthen and widen the shoes, I had to mod the first foundation row the most. Here is a rundown of what I did; I made several changes and it would be confusing to present it any other way.

Round 1: ch 9
2 sc in 2nd ch from hook (this is the heel)
1 sc in next 2 chains
hdc in next 3 chains
DC in next chain
for toe end, 7 dc in last chain on this side, working your way to the back side of the chains
on opposite side of the chain, DC in next chain
hdc in next 3 chains
sc in next 2 chains
2 sc in last chain on this end
join with sl st in first sc, turn (23 sts)

For row two, I did sc all the way around as the pattern states, except mine totaled 23 stitches. I then added two single crochets to each side of the pattern (sc 7 instead of sc 5 on each side of the shoe for rows 3-5). At any given point, my modification has four more stitches than the original pattern. This makes more sense when you are crocheting the shoe, but feel free to comment if what I’m saying sounds like crazy talk. One warning I will give is that this pattern was very hard on my wrists. The small size is mainly to blame for this. I could only make a single shoe at any one sitting. They only took five minutes to crochet, plus a few more to work in the ends. Overall, it is a great pattern.

That’s how I did it! I am very happy with the shoes I created. They may not be true to the Cofelia that appeared on Doctor Who, I am willing to make that concession. She had black shoes that fit her feet, and that is more important than making a precise replica of the heels she wore on TV. Besides, flats are much more sensible for a cosmic nanny.


I am still going strong on the stockings! I hope to have them finished soon. I am still stitching them, but I am nearing the point where I rip off the stabilizer and put them on the doll. Exciting stuff!


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Different Doll Options

Since the shoe problem was identified, I’ve been trying to look at my different options for resolving it. Buying a pair of shoes isn’t a feasible option because they don’t make proper heels for feet in that shape unless I get an expensive custom pair. I have found a few patterns for crochet shoes on Pinterest, but they have technical problems I am working through. Most of them go up the leg into a boot style and are designed for a different shaped foot than my doll has. I have made a pair of flats that are cute, but they’re too small for Cofelia’s massive feet. I am trying to mod them, but simply lengthening them isn’t enough because of how wide the feet are. While I am going to keep working on shoes, I also wanted to see what other doll options I have. While I am quite attached to the Beach Glam Barbie for this role, I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t explore every option.

Choosing a doll is done through the process of elimination. There are many different things that disqualify a doll. Hair color was the initial litmus test. I am looking for a doll with pale blonde hair. That narrowed down the number of dolls by about two thirds. From the remaining dolls, I eliminated any dolls that did not have a body that could wear the outfit I have created. This removed some ballerina dolls and a princess doll who had an adjustable skirt attached to her torso. I also eliminated a couple of Rapunzel dolls because their hair was waaaaaay too long. I eliminated several other dolls because their hair had bangs that wouldn’t work for how I want to do Cofelia’s hair. From there, I eliminated dolls who had feet that wouldn’t fit into the shoes. This narrowed it down to three dolls to challenge the one I originally envisioned as Cofelia.


The first doll is the Beach Glam Barbie I chose weeks ago. The second doll is a Jakks doll of Taylor Swift. The third doll is a generic doll stamped with the Chic logo. The third doll is another Barbie doll that I haven’t identified (yet).

I didn’t like the hair color of the unidentified Barbie doll, so she was eliminated. The shoes had a tendency to unexpectedly pop off of the stiff feet of the Chic doll when I moved her, so she was booted. That narrowed it down to my current Barbie doll and the Taylor Swift doll.


Given my options, I think I will stick with the Glam Beach Barbie doll and find new shoes. The clothes don’t quite fit the Taylor Swift doll (smaller waist – I would have to make a new skirt for her), and her face doesn’t quite match what I have in mind for Cofelia. Taswegian1957 suggested a head transplant as an option, but I don’t think I am willing I risk breaking the the Glam Beach doll to do one. Maybe that will be an option one day, but I’m not there just yet.

I may try to MacGyver some shoes into existence…. I found several promising shoe patterns, even if none are perfect. I found a crochet pattern for flats that use size 10 thread, and they are cute. They’re the pair I talked about above; I made a pair from the pattern, but it was too small and narrow for Cofelia’s feet. I will start by further modding the current pattern before these more sensible shoes come together.

I am also working on her stockings, and it is the opposite of easy. Even with stabilizing paper, it is tough to stitch the fabric. My sewing machine has eaten my first two attempts, so I am going to try hand stitching. I have some recent experience sewing buttons and stitching felt, so I am optimistic about how it will work out. My biggest concern is finding a proper thimble to use while doing it.

Hopefully I will have an update within the next few days. The holiday later this week will monopolize my time for a few days, but I am optimistic that I will post again by the weekend.


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