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Straight-Leg Pants Pattern

This pattern is designed for a belly-button typed 11.5″ Barbie doll, but it also fits the older narrow-hipped dolls fairly well. It should fit most of the different Barbie doll body types if you take care when knitting the top half of the pants and cast off with enough slack.



– Size 10 Crochet Thread
– Size 0 (2.00 mm) Knitting Needles
– Size 0 (2.00 mm) Cable Holder OR an extrea Size 0 (2.00 mm) Knitting Needle

Here are a few notes before you begin:
– This pattern can be modified for length – you can easily subtract rows for a better fit for a Skipper or Disney doll.
– Slip the first stitch of every row for a nicer edge that sews together better than a rough non-slip stitched edge.
– k2p2 is optional as you cast off; I didn’t notice a big difference in the finished product between only knitting the cast off row and alternating that row between knits and purls to match the previous rows.

P – Purl Stitch
K – Knit Stitch
k2p2 – two knit stitches followed by two purl stitches; repeat this pattern through the end of the row
p2k2 – two purl stitches followed by two knit stitches; repeat this pattern through the end of the row
Stockinette Stitch – A technique where you knit one row and pearl the next row to make a smooth piece of fabric
K2tog – Knit 2 stitches together

– Leg (Make 2) –

Row 1: Cast on 28 stitches

Rows 2-71: Stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl the next) for 70 rows, beginning with a knit row (28 stitches)

Row 72: Cast off 2, knit remaining row (26 stitches)

Row 73: Cast off 2, purl remaining row (24 stitches)

Row 74: Cast off 1, knit remaining row (23 stitches)

Row 75: Cast off 1, purl remaining row (22 stitches)

DO NOT cast off – once this leg is finished, place it on a cable holder or set the needle aside while you stitch the second leg
DO cut the thread and leave a tail on the first leg so that your thread is available to work on the second leg – the second leg does not require the thread to be cut – you can move on to create the top without cutting the thread on the second leg

– Top –

Row 76: Knit 21 on the second leg, join the final stitch of the second leg with the first stitch of the first leg with a k2tog, knit 21 on the first leg (make sure that you keep the right and wrong sides of the fabric on each leg facing the same direction – the fabric created by stockinette stitch has a front and a back and it will not look right if one is backwards) (43 stitches)

Rows 77-79: stockinette stitch for 3 rows (43 stitches)

Row 80: K10, k2tog, k8, k2tog, k9, k2tog, k10 (40 stitches)

Rows 81-85: stockinette for 5 rows (40 stitches)

Row 86: K12, k2tog, k12, k2tog, k12 (38 stitches)

Rows 87-89: stockinette for 3 rows (38 stitches)

Row 90: K11, k2tog, k12, k2tog, k11 (36 stitches)

Row 91: k2p2 (36 stitches)

Row 92: p2k2 (36 stitches)

Row 93: k2p2 (36 stitches)

Row 94: p2k2 (36 stitches)

Row 95: Cast off (do this loosely so that the top has some stretch – do not repeat my mistake)

– Finishing –

Finish the pattern by sewing the seams together. I find that it is easiest to sew the back of the top from top to bottom first, and then work your way down both legs. It is easier to work from the top down because then you won’t end up with uneven ends in the crotch area. It is much easier to regulate the stretch of the fabric as you work down the legs, and you can adjust it as needed to keep it even. The hardest part things in this pattern to sew is the crotch area, so make sure to take your time so that you don’t sew the wrong edges together. Once the pants are sewn together and you have worked in any loose ends, your doll will have a sweet new pair of slacks.


That is it! Once you complete these steps, you will be in possession of a lovely pair of straight-leg Ood pants. I am happy that I was able to share this with everybody. I look forward to sharing the Ood Mask pattern with you all once it has been perfected.

This is my original pattern and protected by copyright law. These instructions may not be duplicated, distributed, or sold in any form. You are welcome to create and sell the items that you make using this pattern; I kindly ask that you link back to my blog if you do so. If you make this pattern, please let me know! I would love to see your work, and I will update the pattern as needed with the feedback given.


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Giant Bag of Clothes, Part 3

The blog is back! I apologize for my absence these last few weeks. Due to family circumstances, travel, and illness I was unable to post anything (or get much work done, either). I will do my best to get things posted these next few weeks, but we are moving for my husband’s job in two months. For anyone who has moved on their own with kids (we’re putting all our junk in a rental truck and driving it ourselves – eek!) you know that two months isn’t much time at all to get everything in order. Much of my free time will be dedicated towards that cause. Still, I promise to do my best to have something to post during this turbulent time – hopefully something along the lines of once per week between now and when we get settled at our new home. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated during all of this craziness.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can focus on more important things. Today, we are finishing up something I started a few posts ago. I will post pictures from the last few outfits from the giant bag of clothes I purchased before my absence. I hope you enjoy it!

IMG_7346 This doll/outfit combo is one of my favorites for the entire bag! I love Taylor Swift’s music, and her doll is absolutely lovely. I like how the colors of the top and pants compliment the softness of this doll’s face and hair. I originally bought this doll to make a weeping angel craft, but luckily I never found the textured spray paint needed to complete it. I now appreciate how nice this doll is and I am happy that she gets to wear this instead of angelic shrouds.

IMG_7347 Mulan was one of the last dolls that I clothed, and finding an outfit that fit her hips was not easy. They are a bit bigger (belly-button body type) than most of the remaining pants could fit. Luckily, these black pants worked perfectly. I like how delicate the shirt is and how it compliments Mulan’s sly smile. I also like the chunky Mary-Jane shoes that match the pants. I wish that I could walk in those things! I am notoriously clumsy, and heels like that would be downright dangerous on my hooves. Oh Mulan, you’re living the dream.

IMG_7348 This outfit may win the award for most ironic doll/outfit combination. This is a Flavas P.Bo doll in a pink, flowery dress. For those who aren’t familiar, the Flavas dolls were supposed to be the hip, urban counterpart to Barbie. If Barbie was The Sims, the Flavas were The Urbs. Unfortunately, this line of dolls never caught on, so not many were produced in the line. Having unknowingly found one was lucky on my part, and having her in this decidedly yuppy attire brings a smile to my face. Sometimes, we have to appreciate the little things.

IMG_7349Varsity Barbie! Well, not quite. I’ll be honest; this outfit is from the bottom of the barrel. I was nearing the last few single pieces of clothes, and I had to figure out which pieces matched well enough to wear. This is what I came up with! I found another cute pair of slip-on shoes that match the jacket, and that pulls it all together. I feel lucky that the bag came with so many shoes.

IMG_7350 This outfit is torn quite extensively, but I did my best to put it on the doll and take a picture that minimizes the damage. The entire left side of the dress is ripped from the neck, through the arm, and into the back. I really wanted to show you this outfit because I like the pattern of the dress and the matching accessories. This hat rocks so, so much! I want to mend it just to keep the set intact, but I am not sure if it is salvageable. I will only know when I get in there with my needle. It is another project to add to the queue.

IMG_7351 This outfit confused me at first. The sleeves were folded in on each other, so at first it seemed more like a straight jacket than a dress. Once I untangled it, I realized how it fit. I like the colors and the unique design of the outfit. It works well with this doll, which I affectionately call Meg. She reminds me of Megara from that Disney Hercules movie, but she is not a Disney doll. She is a random generic doll who is missing a leg. Yep, toddlers are hard on dolls, and this one has paid the price.

Thank-you Audrey B. for telling me that this dress comes from the Star Wars Episode 1 Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala doll. You can see a picture of it here! I had no idea it was from a Star Wars doll. Very cool, and thank you again for recognizing this dress.

IMG_7352 This is the bendy Cheer Leader Barbie in a pink bride’s maid dress. Perhaps she wants to be invited to Donna’s wedding? If she does get the invite, she’ll have to find a pair of matching shoes. I’m sure that I can help her with that, though. I still have high hopes for doing Donna after I finish the pair of Ood I am currently working on. If I don’t find the skein of white thread, I will buy a new one. The one good thing about moving is that you take inventory of everything as you pack. I’m hoping this will work to my advantage.

IMG_7353 This dress is so delightfully retro, so of course Snow White had to wear it. The colors remind me of the 60’s and all of the cool clothes we see on Mad Men. I adore it! I also like the shoes that I chose for it – a pair of chunky pumps that fit perfectly on her dainty feet. Overall, this outfit is another awesome and functional find.

That’s it! Wow, it is hard to believe that one single bag had over 23 complete outfits. I am so happy that I don’t have to keep rotating the same few outfits between my dolls when taking pictures of them – finally some variety! This is the single best thing I have bought since starting this blog. To recap, here is a picture of all the dolls wearing all the clothes from the giant bag of clothes.

IMG_7330It brings a smile to my face to see them all together, especially after being away for so long. I am currently making progress on the pair of Ood pants. It is slow going because I have been ill this last week, but I am doing my best to make a few rows of progress every day. Hopefully I will have them done for next week’s post. If I don’t finish the pants, I will do a blog post about something else – perhaps doing their hair so that it will fit under the mask. We shall see! Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic week.


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Who Will Join the Oodkind?

Today was a rather slow day, so I decided to get all of the dolls out to decide which one will become an Ood. Crocheting the mask has hit another road block, and I need a good distraction from that frustration. I also think that it will be better to decide on a doll now so that I can make 100% sure the mask will fit. Honestly, I am amazed by how much size varies between different dolls. This will also give me the freedom to make other pieces of the outfit as the mask continues to frustrate me. Overall, a good direction for this project to go in.


Originally, I played with the idea of using a cheap generic dolls. You know the type; they have hollow plastic bodies and badly rooted hair. I thought about using them because this doll will be completely covered in clothes and a mask, so you won’t be able to tell what type of doll is underneath. Then I remembered that I have more than enough quality dollsI could use. I can always switch out which doll later on, if needed, so I may as well go for a nicer doll to begin with instead of settling for a lesser item. That led me to look through all the dolls and pick out who would be the best candidate to become an Ood.

As I started looking through dolls, I realized that some of my dolls have more problems than I realized. I found two dolls with head issues, and I chose them for this project. Since the Ood doll is designed to wear a mask, they’re the perfect choice. I decided to create two Ood because I am creating my own pattern for the mask. This means that the first mask will be a prototype and the second will be the final product. This will give me the opportunity to make an Ood with white eyes and one with red eyes. It will be fun opportunity for two dolls that I would not have otherwise used because of their defects.

First we have what I believe is a Teresa doll. I think she is a Teresa doll because of her brown hair. I looked at some Nikki dolls with brown hair, but the nose doesn’t match. This makes me fairly confident in saying she is some type of Teresa doll. She has the same sized feet as the 2006 Beach Glam Barbie I used for Cofelia. However, every beach glam Teresa doll I could find was wearing blue earrings. This doll has no earrings or holes near her ears where earrings were pulled out, so she isn’t a Beach Glam doll. I have no idea who she is beyond just a Teresa doll. She has a 2003 head and a 1999 body, so she is a fairly new doll. Any ideas on who she looks like is appreciated.

After talking to my friend Gwendolyn, this doll has been identified as Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Teresa. This doll has the large feet, no earrings, and the same hair. Thanks Gwen! I couldn’t have tracked it down without your help.


As you can see, her big problem is that somebody took a Sharpie marker to her face. I tried cleaning her with soap, a magic eraser, and some goo-gone, but it didn’t fade the stain at all. Since the stain is right next to her lips, I don’t want to use acetone for fear of wiping away her lipstick. At first my inability to clean her was disappointing, but I am making the best of the situation. She has knees that snap into 3 positions and five points of articulation. Overall, she is a nice doll for this project.

The other doll I chose to join the Oodkind is a Barbie doll. Which one? Your guess is as good as mine! She is an unknown Barbie doll with a 1998 head and a 1966 body. Her arms have articulation at the elbow. and she has a nice hair color. It isn’t the platinum blonde that you see with most dolls; it is a more natural blonde color.


It is a bit hard to see in the picture above, but her big flaw is her hair. I believe my baby pulled the hair right out of her! I don’t remember buying any dolls with this type of problem. To be honest, it is something I normally would have passed on if I had noticed. I am not at a point where I want to consider rerooting hair. Considering she made her way into the mix, she was a natural pick for this project.


She also has a slight bend in her right foot. It isn’t as obvious in the pictures, but it is more pronounced when you’re holding her. It isn’t a big enough flaw that I feel like it needs repairing, but I may try a hot water technique for bending it back just for the experience. We shall see! I’m not sure how ambitious I am about it at the moment, but it is a possibility.

I don’t remember exactly where I bought these dolls. I know it was a thrift store, and I also know it wasn’t GoodWill because they don’t have a price written in marker on their feet. I believe these were among the earlier dolls that I found before I started blogging. Sorry that my memory is failing me! I am usually fairly good at remembering where I got dolls and how much I paid. Based on my habits, I can tell you that each doll cost less than $1.00 and were bought second hand.

That is it for today. I feel good about having the dolls chosen for this entry in the blog. Now I know that I can make clothes for them. Luckily, both are the belly-button type of body, so clothes should transfer fairly well between the two of them. I will continue working and re-working the mask, and I do plan on releasing the pattern so that any other ambitious crocheters can make one, too. Keep your eyes out for the next update!

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