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Meet Cofelia

Cofelia is officially finished! Cofelia, or Miss Foster, is from the Doctor Who episode Partners in Crime. She is the head of Adipose Industries and matron to the adorably pudgy adipose aliens (when she isn’t selling weight loss pills). I started working on this doll in September (don’t ask me where the time went) and finished her in December. I didn’t have the sense to take a before picture, so here is a picture from early on vs a picture today.


I started with a 2006 Beach Glam Barbie that I had purchased at a thrift store for $1. She did require some cleaning, but after a quick bath she was as good as new. I chose her over other dolls for her nice hair and her similar look to Cofelia from the show. To transform her, I removed her earrings, bought her a pair of glasses, styled her hair, and created several pieces of clothing for her to wear.











Adipose 1


Adipose 2


Bring it all together and you get one fantastic matron.


In addition to all of that, I made four practice garments to polish up my skills. I also found many dolls and crafting supplies while thrift shopping. I have no doubt that I will put them all to good use as I continue making dolls as part of my Barbie Who? project.

Cofelia has been a delight over the last few months. I have enjoyed learning to work with new materials to create clothes for her and other dolls. I have no doubt that these skills will mean good things for the future. Stay tuned to see just what is in store!


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Cofelia’s Second Adipose

I may be a bit crazy for doing this with all the Cofelia craziness, but I had to make a second Adipose. The first one needed a friend, and I needed something to crochet away the nervous energy caused by the shoe debacle. Out of that, I created this adorable little Adipose over the last few weeks.


This one is slightly different than her older brother. She was crocheted with the same pattern and the same size 30 crochet the head, but she uses a size 12 (1.00 mm) crochet hook. This change makes her a bit smaller than the first Adipose, but only by a few millimeters. I also used a white felt backing when embroidering the face so that the threads on the inside wouldn’t bleed through. This gives a much cleaner look that I am very happy with.


I decided to be a bit creative with her face. I saw a picture on Pinterest of an Adipose with anime-style rosy cheeks (the link was broken, so I don’t have a link to share). I decided to use those cheeks with a surprised expression on the face to differentiate her from her brother. This little Adipose is easily the more troublesome of the pair.


On the stocking front, I have finished sewing one of them. Yay! I hope to make time to finish the second one in the next few days. I learned a lot while making the first stocking, so hopefully the second one will take less time to complete. I will update once I finish it.

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Cofelia’s Glasses

Exciting news! Then glasses arrived today despite the snowy weather. They were a bit pricy ($2 after shipping), but I think they were worth it. They really give her the look of Cofelia from the show.


They are a bit finicky to work with, but I know they will fit better after I style her hair. I am pleased with the shape and how they aren’t too bulky. It was hard to find a pair of black times glasses for Barbie that weren’t sunglasses. I am fortunate to have found a reasonably priced one. Some vintage Barbie glasses were going for upwards of $10 each after shipping. It really puts it into perspective how hard-core some collectors are about these dolls.


They’re so cute that even the Adipose had to try them on. I think it makes him look more intellectual, don’t you?


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Cofelia’s Adipose

I finished an Adipose! For anyone not so well-versed in Doctor Who, an adipose is an adorable little squishy alien that caused trouble for the tenth Doctor. I am very pleased with how this little guy turned out!


To make this adorable plush, I used a pattern created by …by Midnight. You can see her blogpost about it right here. I did change up the arms and legs, though. I didn’t want to make the fingers or toes in such tiny thread, so I just ad-libbed them.


My biggest concern when starting this pattern was scale. I wasn’t entirely sure how well it would transfer to a different weighted yarn and a smaller crochet hook. I was also concerned about how large it would be compared to the doll herself. I decided to use size 30 crochet thread and a size 9 (1.40 mm) crochet hook to make this doll and hoped for the best. The thread came from a thrift store and was in its original unopened packaging (this is the only reason why I know what size thread it is). The thread worked well with the tiny hook and created an adorable little plush. To stuff the body and limbs, I used some fiber fill that I purchased on clearance. It was difficult to fill the tiny arms, but I managed to work it out after a slight struggle.

Beyond the Adipose, I also removed the earrings from the Barbie doll I’m using for Cofelia. They are big and are a distraction, so I have no regrets about taking them out. I think she looks considerably better this way.


Up next, I am going to focus on little details for this doll. I have determined that making glasses isn’t feasible to do, so I am going to order some off of eBay last week. I also found a pattern for doll stockings I would like to attempt. This is a sewing pattern, so I will have a good excuse to clean the dust off of my neglected sewing machine. I will also clean up and style the doll’s hair to match Cofelia from the show. We are getting very close to finishing this doll. I really look forward to sharing the results!


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And The Winner Is….

Here it is! I have finally decided who the first doll will be in the Barbie Who? Project. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I am confident that it is the right decision for me. The first doll will be Cofelia, also known as Miss Foster, from the episode Partners in Crime.


Partners in Crime introduces us to Adipose Industries and their miracle weight loss drug that makes the fat just walk away. What they don’t tell customers is that the fat is transformed into alien Adipose children. The cute, little Adipose children are then collected and sent to their waiting parents on the Adipose 3 home world. Cofelia is the head of Adipose Industries and matron to the pudgy aliens. I won’t dive any further into it for the sake of spoilers, but this episode is a fantastic adventure.

Why Cofelia? Well, there are several reasons. First, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Most Barbie dolls that I’ve found are blonde with blue eyes. It makes sense for me to make a character who matches a doll that I have a surplus of. If I mess up and ruin the doll, I have others I can fall back on. Since dolls with other hair and eye colors are harder to come by, I want to be more skilled before I work with then.

Beyond looks, the other two characters I seriously considered would have been more challenging in other ways. Tegan was cut because of her hair (pun intended). Her short hair would be difficult for me to replicate on a Barbie doll. Polly wasn’t chosen because she is from the black-and – white era. It is hard to get a good read on the colors to use with her outfits because of this. I want to create something that is true to the series, so it will require more research on my part before I create any characters from the early years of the show. Right now, I don’t have the time to do that.

That leaves us with Cofelia. She won’t be without challenges herself, but I feel like they are more within my reach. The two biggest curve balls for this doll will be making her glasses and doing her hair. Cofelia’s hair is in a French twist. I don’t have any combs that are her size, so I will have to improvise in some way. The glasses are black frames, so I am hoping I can make a decent rendition with polymer clay. I looked on eBay, and Barbie glasses are relatively expensive. A single pair can cost $2-$5 from the cheap sellers. Yikes! Hopefully I can DIY something at a lower cost. I have considered polymer clay and plastic canvas for the job. I will keep you posted on how it works out.

In addition to that, I would also like to make a to-scale Adipose or two as accessories. I could do this in one of two ways. First, there is micro-crochet. Micro-crochet is when you use tiny crochet needles and thread to create miniature stuffed animals. I have seen pictures of creations, but I have never tried it myself. I may try my hand at it to make an Adipose. The second option is to model them out of polymer clay. This may be the easier of the two choices. We shall see which option I choose in a few weeks.

This is the plan! All that is left to do is the crafting. I have to prep the doll, crochet the clothes, and make the accessories. I look forward to making the crafty updates.

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