Fun Sized Mini-Blog

Hello everybody! I am sorry that I haven’t gotten the new blog post out on time. I have two excuses as to why I’m behind, and this super-special-awesome fun sized mini-blog will detail both of them.

First, my pattern is having problems. The next blog post will have a pattern for gloves, and my pattern tester (and awesome cousin) had trouble following my instructions. She is an intermediate knitter, so I am working on re-writing it so that it is easier to follow. We also had a problem with proportion, but that was fixed when I realized I wrote down the wrong knitting needle size. Oops!

My second excuse is very time consuming. I recently took in a foster kitten. He was only a few days old when he came to us, and newborns of most mammals are high maintenance at first. Luckily, he is a fighter and is doing very well. The only problem is that I am up day and night feeding him every 2-3 hours. As he grows it will get easier, but right now I am operating on empty.

Just as a precaution, I have to say that you should not foster a baby animal unless you know what you’re doing. I am a registered member of a licensed animal rescue group and have been involved with the fostering and rehab of small mammals for the last four years. Usually we foster baby raccoons that have been abandoned, but this little guy came to me from my neighbor. I can’t say no to a baby in need, so I called up a lady in our rescue group to get some tips on fostering kittens. She said that kittens are easier because they grow faster than raccoons, but they require a lot of attention during the first few weeks. I’ve been doing my best, and he is thriving. He is gaining weight and is very vocal; both great indicators that he is thriving. While we’re not out of the woods, I do feel good about where we’re at right now. He is a fighter, and I am doing my best to support him.

How did this kitten get into my care? Well, that’s a story of its own. Our neighbor’s son went camping with his grandparents at a lake north of town. Grandpa found 5 newborn kittens in his boat while the boat was tethered to the dock. Since Mama wasn’t in sight, he put the kittens in a box and left the box near the dock. The mother cat took four of the kittens overnight. She left this little guy, and luckily no wild animals found him that night. The kitten came to me the next afternoon, and I’ve been taking care of him ever since. I am going to keep this kitten until he can eat and drink on his own, and then he is going to start his life as a spoiled house cat with the neighbor. As adorable as he is, out cat is a spoiled rotten only-kitty, and my husband wants to keep it that way.

That is where I’m at! I felt I needed to share something while I try to get the next post sorted out. I am trying to work on the blog while I am up with the kitten at night, but I know that I’m not editing well when I am tired. I am doing my best to juggle all of these things, and I hope you can be patient as I continue to work. I hope you enjoyed the picture of the adorable foster kitty, and I look forward to the next post. Until then, have a fantastic day!


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4 responses to “Fun Sized Mini-Blog

  1. I can’t think of a better excuse not to blog than this adorable scrap of a thing. I have not fostered a kitten so young but I remember my sister taking an abandoned kitten home from work many years ago. It wasn’t as young as this one but it did need to be bottle fed for some time and my sister and mum took turns with the feeds, pretty tiring for both of them but she grew into a lovely, affectionate cat who lived into her “teens”. Our own cat Polly was also a rescue. I found her at the local church but she was already eating solids and we think about six weeks old. Hope you will share some more pictures before kitty departs for his forever home.

    • That is such a sweet story! I have a special spot in my heart for cats. They can be the sweetest companions. I’ll do my best to take more pictures of this little guy. He is a sweetheart. 😍

  2. I lived on a farm growing up and we ended up with many strays. When I was ten, it was a kitten that was found in a hay wagon who had to be fed with an eyedropper every couple of hours. Good luck with the little one!

    • That is so cool! My dad is similar. He grew up on a farm, and the kids fostered all sorts of animals in the barn. He particularly loved the raccoons, and that’s how we got involved with a local rescue group.

      Also, foster kitty’s eyes started opening today. I am so excited that he is growing!


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