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Stuff We Found in the Garage

I will start off by addressing the elephant in the room. Yesterday, I was making notes about this post on my phone. I’m not sure how, but the post published when I saved it in the mobile app. This also happened as I was making notes for a second post (one about the sewn Ood jacket – more on that at the end), but for some reason did not affect the other two posts I was editing that morning. As soon as I realized the error, I pulled them back to drafts. Now that this one is fully written, it is being posted for real! Sorry for any confusion that this has caused. I don’t usually have this problem when I am using the mobile editor, and hopefully it won’t happen again. Now that we have that out of the way, here is the finished blog post!


In another installment of the series lovingly called ‘stuff we found at Grandma’s house’, we have stuff that turned up in the garage. These dolls were found in a box hidden in the garage. They came from a box of random generic toys mainly left over from when I was a kid that my mom had assembled for when children were visiting their house. While she does remember why she put all of these toys together, she has no idea how they got in the garage. My dad doesn’t seem to recall, either. This is a true mystery for the ages, but one that I am decidedly happy about.


I acquired these three dolls at various times of my childhood. The Scotty doll is undoubtedly the oldest. I think we got it in the mid 90’s because he was my favorite character on Star Trek. My mom bought a complete set for herself, and she surprised me with the Chekov doll from the set as a surprise because I could never remember his name. I would ask her ‘Which one has the nuclear wessels’ every time we watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (as my favorite Trek movie, we watched it frequently). Later that year, for my birthday, my mom gifted me Scotty because he was my favorite character from Star Trek. I think that Chekov may be in the storage unit with other boxed dolls because I don’t remember taking him out of the box and playing with him as a child, but Scotty got a lot of play throughout the years.


I had a surprisingly hard time identifying this doll. Since Star Trek has such rabid fans, I thought it would be easy to find information about this guy. I found a few blogs about Trek toys, but none of them seemed to have entries for this series of dolls. Luckily, I did find a listing for it on Amazon that identifies it as a 9″ action figure wearing clothes from the Star Trek pilot episode. I wasn’t able to find a production year, but if memory serves it was the mid 1990’s.

Scotty is in great shape! His clothes are completely intact and he even has his tricorder His body doesn’t have any problems; his articulated body moves like it should and the paint on is face is in great shape. In addition to Scotty being in great shape for his age, I also found a Klingon Bird of Prey in the box with him. At the bottom of the box, I also found other small doll-sized accessories.


I know that it is hard to see scale with this picture, but I believe all of these were accessories for much smaller action figures. I believe the insignia is the stand for a Captain Picard figuring, and the tricorders, computer, and phaser are all accessories that go with him, too. I wasn’t able to find the smaller doll, but I am going to hang onto these. The car is the perfect proportion for a Kelly/Shelly doll to play with, so if I ever make a child from Doctor Who, this may be repurposed to be their toy. It never hurts to hold onto things that are the proper scale, after all.

Next up is a doll that holds a special place in my heart. He is my G.I. Joe doll. Not a Ken, not an off-brand dollar store military guy doll. He is a real G.I. Joe from the early to mid 2000’s.


I tried my best to identify this guy. I know he is an authentic Joe, but all of my searches brought up vintage dolls. From what I remember, he came with archery accessories, but I could only find his helmet and armor at the time I took this picture (his dog tags are floating around somewhere, and I suspect the toddler has something to do with their disappearance). Anyways, I received this handsome guy from my mom and/or sister for my birthday when I was in high school. He was meant to be a gag gift, but I adored him. I remember that I used him for various presentations and speeches, and he may have spent a several month stint in my locker. He was quite the popular guy during homeroom.

Finally, we have this handsome fellow. While I don’t remember exactly when I received him, I do remember that he came from the local dollar store. If memory serves, he dated many of my dolls growing up.


This guy came out long before the U.S. Navy came out with their blueberry uniform, but I like to think that whomever designed those uniforms played with this doll as a child. My weird speculation aside, my mom bought this guy for me as another gag gift. I always thought he looked like Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager. I believe I got him before the regular Joe, and he is the most worn of the three dolls. His knee pops out of the joint and a seam for his lower calf is coming apart, but it is looks to be something easily fixed with a bit of epoxy glue. My nephews enjoyed playing with him and a few other dollar store dolls like him, and all of them were broken. I have no idea why my mom threw away the other damaged dolls but kept him, but I am not complaining.

As you can see in the first picture, there is quite the height difference between the three dolls. Scotty is 9″ tall, Joe is 12″ tall, and Tuvok is around 13.5″ tall. I find it funny, and I blame microgravity for Scotty being so much smaller than the military guys. In addition to height differences, each of them has different articulation. Scotty has the least articulation of the three; he only has movement in his elbow, shoulders, and knees. Joe has articulation in his elbow, shoulder, knee, and hands. His index finger moves separately from his thumb and the other three fingers, which made it easier for him to hold his bow and arrows. He does not have a kung-fu grip like his more vintage peers. Tuvok has very nice articulation in his arms. He is articulated at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Also, there is a spot between the shoulder and elbow that twists around, so you can more easily position his arms and hands to hold things. He also has knee articulation that I will have to fix at some point in the future.

There you have it! Three cool guy dolls that have been added to the collection. I am open to using them for the blog, but they don’t remind me of any Doctor Who characters. I may have to grab some popcorn and watch classic Who until I find some inspiration. I am currently crocheting some stuff for Halloween, so I will try to indulge that whim as I continue that work. If they strike you as any specific character, please comment. I think that I am biased because I played with them as a child, so it isn’t as easy for me to see them in the Whoniverse. I would love to hear your ideas!

Beyond that, I’ll wrap this post up by circling back to the first paragraph. I am currently working on 4 posts for the blog. Two are for the Ood gloves, another is for a sewn Ood jacket I just finished up, and the last is the final installment for this series of stuff we found at grandma’s house. I also have a few other things in my mind that I haven’t put on paper yet, such as another post or two about the Ood mask and an eventual pattern for it. Hopefully I can get posts out in a timely manner, but between the toddler, foster kitten, and Halloween I am stretched thin. Lucky for me, foster kitten is able to go a longer between feedings (4 hours at night), so I am getting more sleep. More sleep means that I feel sharp enough to write, which means I can get these pictured, written, and published. Thank you for your patience and I hope you have a fantastic day.


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Fun Sized Mini-Blog

Hello everybody! I am sorry that I haven’t gotten the new blog post out on time. I have two excuses as to why I’m behind, and this super-special-awesome fun sized mini-blog will detail both of them.

First, my pattern is having problems. The next blog post will have a pattern for gloves, and my pattern tester (and awesome cousin) had trouble following my instructions. She is an intermediate knitter, so I am working on re-writing it so that it is easier to follow. We also had a problem with proportion, but that was fixed when I realized I wrote down the wrong knitting needle size. Oops!

My second excuse is very time consuming. I recently took in a foster kitten. He was only a few days old when he came to us, and newborns of most mammals are high maintenance at first. Luckily, he is a fighter and is doing very well. The only problem is that I am up day and night feeding him every 2-3 hours. As he grows it will get easier, but right now I am operating on empty.

Just as a precaution, I have to say that you should not foster a baby animal unless you know what you’re doing. I am a registered member of a licensed animal rescue group and have been involved with the fostering and rehab of small mammals for the last four years. Usually we foster baby raccoons that have been abandoned, but this little guy came to me from my neighbor. I can’t say no to a baby in need, so I called up a lady in our rescue group to get some tips on fostering kittens. She said that kittens are easier because they grow faster than raccoons, but they require a lot of attention during the first few weeks. I’ve been doing my best, and he is thriving. He is gaining weight and is very vocal; both great indicators that he is thriving. While we’re not out of the woods, I do feel good about where we’re at right now. He is a fighter, and I am doing my best to support him.

How did this kitten get into my care? Well, that’s a story of its own. Our neighbor’s son went camping with his grandparents at a lake north of town. Grandpa found 5 newborn kittens in his boat while the boat was tethered to the dock. Since Mama wasn’t in sight, he put the kittens in a box and left the box near the dock. The mother cat took four of the kittens overnight. She left this little guy, and luckily no wild animals found him that night. The kitten came to me the next afternoon, and I’ve been taking care of him ever since. I am going to keep this kitten until he can eat and drink on his own, and then he is going to start his life as a spoiled house cat with the neighbor. As adorable as he is, out cat is a spoiled rotten only-kitty, and my husband wants to keep it that way.

That is where I’m at! I felt I needed to share something while I try to get the next post sorted out. I am trying to work on the blog while I am up with the kitten at night, but I know that I’m not editing well when I am tired. I am doing my best to juggle all of these things, and I hope you can be patient as I continue to work. I hope you enjoyed the picture of the adorable foster kitty, and I look forward to the next post. Until then, have a fantastic day!


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