Round Two – Begin!

The next doll I will be creating for the blog will be Perpugilliam, better known as Peri, Brown. Peri was a companion of the Fifth Doctor and Sixth Doctor. She was an American girl who met the doctor when she was 18 years old. She certainly made an impression during her debut in a bikini; more than one of my male friends have fond memories of her in that episode (and others). Producer John Nathan-Turner said that she was added to the series to inject some sex appeal into Doctor Who. I think most people old enough to have watched back in the day can agree that they took that goal very seriously.

Peri appeared on three seasons of Doctor Who, and has made appearances in other media over the years due to her popularity. My favorite Peri episode is The Caves of Androzani. This story has Peri and the Fifth Doctor caught up in a war and both are poisoned. The Doctor only has enough antidote to save one of them, so he sacrifices himself to save Peri because he believes he will regenerate. He does, and the Sixth Doctor begins his adventures with Peri at his side. Peri and the Sixth Doctor had a harder relationship because she didn’t care much for his new personality. I don’t blame her; Six was rather arrogant and stubborn.

The doll I chose is a modern brunette doll that I recently found at a local thrift store. She is a Flower Power Teresa from 2000. She has a Shani body, and the joints in her knees snap into all positions. Also, she does not have giant feet. Yay! She has small pink earrings, purple eyes, and a dark purple lipstick. Her hair is cut to just above shoulder length by her previous owner. It is an even cut, and I have no doubt it is better than anything I could do at the moment. Overall, this doll struck me as Peri the moment I saw her at the store, so I’m going with it. Sometimes you have to work with the momentum life gives you.


First and foremost, I will have to clean up the doll. She is lovely, but she is somewhat dirty and has some paint stains that need to be removed. Next comes her outfit. I want to do the classic Peri pink shorts and pink shirt outfit. It will also include an aqua belt and bracelet. I believe the shoes she wears with this are pink, and I sincerely hope that I can find a useful pair from the satchel of shoes I bought from China. I’m not sure what I would make as an accessory for Peri. Nothing is coming to mind….. Instead, I may do a second outfit. Perhaps a bikini reminiscent of her first appearance? We shall see what I come up with. Cofelia had her adipose, so I want to give her something. I have already scouted some outfit possibilities, and one promising pattern will require the knitting needles I just purchased. It is exciting how well this is coming together.


This is it! The rough outline for round two of Barbie Who?, and I am confident that this doll will be a breeze. Thank you for your patience as I made it through the holidays. Things have calmed down somewhat, and that gives me more time for crafting and writing for this blog. Stay tuned!


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6 responses to “Round Two – Begin!

  1. I didn’t watch many Peri episodes because like her I didn’t care for the sixth doctor, by the seventh I’d given up because I felt the show was not what it was.I did not return until 2005. I did watch the movie but I never considered Eight to be a “real” Doctor Who. I thought of him more like Peter Cushing in the earlier films. I did like Peri though.

    • I also have ambiguous feelings about Six theough Eight. Eight appeared in a lot of different media over the years, but he was never a doctor in the same ways as the others. Nine really drew me back into it; people don’t appreciate how he really relaunched it and brought old fans back while appealing to a new set of fans. I think that they never really found a footing betweeen when Four left and Nine relaunched, and Peri and other companions from the 80’s were caught up in that.

      • yes I think that is a fair assessment. I liked Peter Davidson’s Doctor but I think the show was struggling during his time and it showed. After the movie which I mostly liked because the TARDIS was in it. Kind of like the first Star Trek movie you were just happy to have it back even if it wasn’t great. When the series restarted in 2005 I was dubious but Christopher Ecclestone had me before the end of the first episode. Somewhere around “every planet has a north” I think. I was sorry when he left and dubious again but David Tennant turned out to be my favourite Doctor, even more than Tom Baker. I never like getting new Doctors though and still haven’t watched all the episodes with the new one.

      • I am right there with you about being charmed when he said the north bit. He made such a great impression right out of the door. Tennant was a great doctor, but it took me a while to warm up to him. I think it was around the time Rose left that I really became attached to him.

        I am cautious about the new Doctor. Right now, I feel like the show is too much about the companion right now. We’ll see how I feel after a season or two. I tend to warm up slowly to new ones. I had just started liking 11 when they announced his departure. lol

  2. It’s so exciting to be able to read along for the next creation. That doll really is perfect for Peri and it’s fantastic that you don’t have to sacrifice a long-haired doll – it’s already been taken care of for you! I hope it goes well and I’m looking forward to seeing the next steps in the process.


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