Who’s Next?

I haven’t decided what I want to create next for Barbie Who?, but I have a few ideas. I’m writing about it right now so that I can get my thoughts together in one place. I find that doing this often helps me make decisions. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please chime in; every perspective is appreciated.

Melanie Bush – I bought some pink crochet thread at a thrift store, and the color reminds me of the striped puffy shirt she wore. I also have a doll with ginger hair that I could curl. She is pretty high in the running at the moment, but I don’t want to commit just yet.

Madame de Pompadour – I love, love, love every costume used in that episode. They are amazingly detailed and I want to make several outfits from this episode. It would be quite an undertaking, but it would be glorious once completed.

Peri Brown – I have two skeins of thrift store yarn that remind me of her outfits – one is a bright pink and the other is a fun aqua-blue. I know that I could use both colors to create one (or perhaps two) outfits that would fit perfectly with Peri. My only hangup about doing Peri is her hair. I don’t have any dolls with short hair, so I would have to give one a haircut. This scares me almost as much as the thought of doing a body transplant.

Dalek – I have some plastic canvas, and I believe that I could make a cool Dalek out of it. I would even crochet a little tentacle monster to pilot it. It would be fun and allow me to branch out into other mediums.

Ood – I was on Pinterest one evening and saw a person that had crocheted an Ood ski mask. This have me the idea that I could just crochet something similar for a Barbie doll. I haven’t gone through to see if I have the proper colored thread, but the idea intrigues me.

The Fifth Doctor – I found a Ken doll. Yay! Out of all the Whovian men I am familiar with, the doll looks the most like him. My biggest hangups about making him would be needing to sew a few of the pieces. After the wrist strain I’ve dealt with after Cofelia’s stockings, I am not quite ready to commit myself to more hand sewing when my machine inevitably chews the fine fabric up.

K9 – I saw the cutest K9 crochet pattern on Pinterest! I want to adapt it to the scale of Barbie Who? The only issue is that I don’t have gray crochet thread. I have also considered making him out of plastic canvas. Plastic canvas would be sturdier and hold it’s shape better, too. Then is paper craft to consider…. So many options!

Lady Cassandra – Speaking of plastic canvas, I think it would be delightful to make Cassandra out of it. I think I saw a picture of someone making a plastic canvas Cassandra on Facebook once, although I didn’t pin it on Pinterest at the time. This is a very strong option, if for no other reason than her association with the Ninth Doctor. Eccles is my favorite; he was absolutely fantastic. The moment I find a male doll with comparable hair, he will be my next project.

I have a few other ideas floating around, but these are the most solid ones at the moment. I will make a decision and begin working on the next doll after I finish a few miscellaneous projects. This month is a busy one in my house, so it may be a week or more until round two begins. Things slow down after the holidays, and that’s when I can dedicate more time to this project. I appreciate your patience!


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8 responses to “Who’s Next?

  1. This project of yours is amazing! I’d barely even browsed past a couple of the photos before I knew I had to click on the ‘follow’ button.

    Out of your list, I would vote for the dalek, because I think that would look incredible. Next would be K9, because who doesn’t love K9?

    • Thank you! Glad that you like what I’m doing. 🙂 K9 and a Dalek would be a lot of fun to add to the mix. I want the holidays to be over so I can concentrate more on this blog and make some Whovian awesomeness.

  2. There are worlds of ideas there. The plastic canvas sounds like it would be fun to work with. Fifth Doctor is one that I have a soft spot for. His cricket jumper might be a bit fiddly if you haven’t done cable knitting for a while.I have a book called The Doctor Who Pattern Book-by Joy Gammon which has a lot of fun items to make but it’s old (1984)so it only goes up to 5th Doctor. You might enjoy it if you can get hold of a copy, or maybe you have one.

  3. Madame de Pompadour! Her clothes would be fun to make. K9 would be fun, too.


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