Cofelia’s Hair

Hair. Everybody has hair to some extent. My husband has very short hair. My daughter still has peach fuzz. I have rather long locks that I maintain. I figured that styling the hair of a Barbie doll would be easy. Oh how naive I was….

Dexterity is not my strong suite at the moment, so I was not able to do a French twist like Cofelia wore in her episodes. Instead, I tried my best to mimic the most prominent aspects of her style that I could see. This is what I came up with.


I kept her bangs loose and swept to the side while the rest if her hair is tied into a ponytail with a small band. As with the shoes, I decided to mix trueness to the show with functionality that a real matron would sport. I feel like this strikes a good balance of that while staying within my skills. I was not brave enough to cut her hair to create more bangs like Cofelia sports on Doctor Who. Even as a child, I never decided to play barber with my dolls, and I am not starting today.


The adipose approve! They are jealous of her lovely locks. Hopefully they’ll won’t get too rambunctious; I would hate for them to ruin her hair.

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