Identifying the Doll

I finally know exactly what type of Barbie Cofelia is! It took a lot of effort, but I finally found a picture of a doll with the same hair, eyes, and earrings as Cofelia on Flickr. She is a Beach Glam Barbie! Specifically, she came from a set that included a Beach Cruiser and Summer doll that came out in 2006. That is why her earrings are blue hearts instead of pink hoops (as well as a change in makeup color). It is always so exciting to identify a doll! This feel especially good because I have spent so much time fawning over her for this project. A big thank you to Taswegian1957 for pointing me in the right direction. You rock!


Also, I found something cool while researching this doll; I read a fun blog post by Humor Columnist about a grandma with the same problem of a flat footed doll who’s shoes don’t fit. Her struggle makes me feel a lot better about how I didn’t notice the size of her foot at first. She solved the problem by buying Ken shoes for the doll to wear. That idea had never even crossed my mind! It is great to have another option. I know it would end up being a pair of sneakers or similar, but they may look better than the shoes I’m trying to make. We shall see! It is nice to know there are other options out there.


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3 responses to “Identifying the Doll

  1. Ken shoes! Well I would not have thought of that. Some of those plain black slip ons might work so Cofelia will have “sensible shoes” after all but then that is appropriate for a Nanny.

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