I feel like a total geek because I get excited when I find good yarn at thrift stores. I am particularly excited because the yarn I came across is vibrant and in usable colors! The stores I frequent each have a bin of yarn, but most is it is white or beige. It is harder to find colorful yarn, and even rarer for more than half the skein to be there. The four that I found are colorful and mostly intact. I couldn’t ask for a cooler find!


I have a few ideas in mind for this yarn. Various outfits worn by Peri Brown and Melanie Bush would work well with these colors. The darker pink especially reminds me is Peri’s shorts. The variegated yarn will probably be used in a skirt or a generic piece of clothing (likely as I test or make a pattern before using the proper color). It is always exciting to find good yarn at the thrift store! There are just so many possibilities. Keep an eye out! I am inspired and may try to make something tonight. Between Halloween costumes and the jacket for Cofelia, I need a change of pace.

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