The Search (For Shoes)

I have learned many things while searching for and buying Barbie dolls at thrift stores. First, most are naked. I don’t know is this is because the people at the store strip them to sell the clothes separately or if the previous owners stripped the dolls before donation. Either way, the clothes are harder to find than you’d expect. The second thing I have learned is that the only thing rarer than a clothed doll is a doll with shoes. Barbie shoes are small and easily lost, so it is fairly rare to see a doll with a pair of matching shoes. Out of all the dolls I have, only two came with shoes. Seeing as I am fairly sure that characters on Doctor Who don’t walk around barefoot, this causes a rather unique problem.

My first instinct was to buy doll shoes online. It would be futile to try and get them second-hand, and I am not good enough at using polymer clay to make a matching pair on my own. Then I saw the prices for Mattel shoes and almost fainted. After getting over the shock of a pair of doll shoes being $2 plus shipping, I looked at alternatives. Thank goodness for eBay! I fall in and out of love with eBay regularly, but this is one of my better experiences on that website. I found a seller in China who had 20 pairs of shoes for $1.50 shipped. You can’t beat that price by a long shot.

Most of the negative experienced I’ve had with eBay involved international sellers, but since it was such a small amount of money I was willing to chance it. My logic is that since I am getting 20 times the shoes I would get from a state-side seller, I could afford to be burned once or twice by random foreign sellers. I am very happy that I took that chance because the shoes arrived today!


They are exactly as advertised, and I am one happy lady! It took about a month for them to arrive, but that is pretty standard for international packages. Honestly, I thought it would take longer. I am very excited that it arrived because it gives me plenty of shoe options for the ladies of Barbie Who? There is a perfect set of closed-toed black heels for the Cofelia doll. We are one step closer to completion!

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