Cofelia’s Top

Wow! October is flying by. I haven’t had as much time to work on Cofelia’s outfit because I had a few commissions for baby hats (I have to support my crafting hobby somehow). I am also working on our Halloween costumes (our family will be The Avengers this year – and yes, it will be awesome). In addition, I am having a terrible time making the jacket. Still, I managed to make some time to make a shirt for the Cofelia doll!


I didn’t want to do anything fancy with this; I just needed something to go under the jacket. I have been working on the jacket off and on for the last few weeks. Now that I have something worked out, I believe the main body of it will fit better with an undershirt. Hence why I created this! I decided to use black yarn because it will help reinforce the color of the jacket (though I was tempted to use a wild color since I am convinced Cofelia has a wild side below her matronly exterior). I made a peasant-style top based off of techniques I learned from a child’s vest pattern. It is fun when you pick up little tricks to transfer between works.

This blouse took about 2 hours to make, but a decent amount of that time went towards jotting down notes and revising the pattern. I’m sure that it wouldn’t take nearly as much time if I were to make another one. This shirt one of those small details that won’t be easily seen. It may not seem very important, but it all adds up to the finished Cofelia doll.

For the ambitious reader, here is a link to the pattern I created for this shirt. It isn’t anything fancy, but I am more than happy to share.


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