Plastic Canvas

The past few days have been particularly happy for me. I feel this way because my parents are visiting from out of town. They live 8 hours away, and I normally see them only two or three times each year. It has been a real blessing to have them around. I am delighted with how they interact with my baby and it is just nice having family close by. I come from a large family, and it has been hard adjusting to being so far from them, so these visits are very special to me.

My daughter is 7 months old, and she isn’t sure about about grandma & grandpa. She is starting to enter the ‘cling-to-mommy’ phase, so she squeals whenever I let somebody else hold her. She does warm up after a while, but she is very skeptical about people that she doesn’t see regularly. Still, my baby manages to find giggles for her grandparents. She is a very happy child, and I hope to continue fostering her fantastic disposition.

What does this have to do with Barbie Who? Well, my mom and I went shopping today. We wound up at a craft store, and I bought some plastic canvas. I have big plans for this versatile resource. I want to create a TARDIS to doll scale with it. I want to create furniture with it. I also want to create a Dalek with it. I purchased several rectangular sheets of plastic canvas and some circular pieces. I want to do some measurements and research so that I can create a Dalek or two from various points of Whovian History. I will probably make the TARDIS first because it is easier shape-wise, but the thought of making a Dalek delights me to no end.

Beyond my ambitions towards plastic canvas, I told my mom about how I am making clothes for dolls. Growing up, my mom made some awesome clothes for our dolls, and thankfully she kept the patterns. I look forward to making some clothing for Barbie Who? with the patterns she provides. One pattern in particular would look great for royal dresses. I could do Madame de Pompadour, Queen Elizabeth I, or a Clockwork Droid with those patterns. Plus, those are just the ones I could remember off the cuff; I am sure there are many other possibilities that pop up throughout the show.

There is another bonus! While out shopping, we stopped at a thrift shop. The store had two dolls; a Barbie & Ken from the 60’s with hand-made clothes. The dolls were too expensive for me to buy ($60 for the whole set), but their clothing gave me some inspiration for the clothes I want to make. I found a delightful evening gown that looks very easy to knit; I made a mental note on several techniques used on it. I don’t recall any episodes with a similar gown off the top of my head, but it can serve as a good practice for items I will make for this project. I need to start somewhere, and I have no shame in making some simple dresses to hone my skills.

Overall, I feel like today has been a fun and productive day. I am inspired and motivated to create some unique pieces for Barbie Who? I am still intent on my goal of a completed doll by the end of the month, too. The last few days have helped me in tremendous ways; I hope the next few weeks are as positive as the last few days.

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