A New Project

I was reflecting on my childhood one afternoon. I considered all of the things that helped mold me into the person I am today, and two things came to mind. The first was old reruns of Doctor Who that ran on PBS when I was little, and my love for the latest series that has been running since I was in high school. The second was my love to play with dolls. I had a handful of Barbie dolls growing up, and I transitioned to The Sims when I was older. (Anybody who says that game is more than an elaborate dollhouse is either an architect or a lier.) It was in that moment that I decided to combine the two into an art project I can work on as my daughter grows up.

I want to recreate Doctor Who characters in doll form. My plan is to work through various incarnations of The Doctor, his companions, various alien species, and notable humans. I am tentatively calling the project Barbie Who? It is bound to be an interesting journey in crafting.

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